Hi, I'm Kevin, and I'm the founder of Celly Hockey. Celly was created to bring vintage-inspired apparel to those who love the game of hockey.

I've always been a huge fan of '90s snapbacks and graphic crewnecks. Growing up, I usually only found these in my parent's basement or in the back of a random closet. These old school Whalers and Bruins designs were awesome, but I wanted something that wasn't just holding on by a thread or stained from decades of storage.

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, I spent my time creating designs for an online hockey lifestyle store. The store would provide new designs and clothing with that same look and feel from the '90s. In the fall of 2020, this vision came to life with the launch and opening of

From the start and through today, our mission is to provide all fans and players with vintage-inspired gear that they can wear proudly to show off their love for the game.



While growing up in North Conway, New Hampshire, hockey was my life. With six siblings all sharing the same love for the game, we spent an insane amount of time together in the rink, the driveway or on road trips for away games.

After high school and junior hockey, I attended Assumption University in Massachusetts, where I was a member of the men's hockey team. During my time as a player, I loved every second on the ice, but what made my experience truly special was the time spent with amazing teammates who would become lifelong friends.

After college, I took a job in Boston in the technology industry. For the first time, hockey was no longer a part of my life. This effected me in many more ways than I could have imagined and I knew I needed to make a change.

A few months later I was fortunate to accept a position with the Maine Mariners ECHL organization. Our team brought professional hockey back to Portland, a market that had thrived on minor league hockey in the past.

Covid-19 brought a halt to all professional sports, including the Mariners. At this time, I began designing and creating ideas for what would go on to become Celly Hockey Co.